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Niu Li’s lean management learning team visited Yongjian in Jiangmen and Gelang hardware in Heshan

Industry | 2019-12-28

       With the increasingly fierce industry competition, enterprise competition is attributed to the competition of total operating cost. In order to improve the overall management level of niuli company, niuli company puts forward the lean management concept and implements lean production management. The purpose is to improve personnel efficiency through lean management, achieve cost leadership and achieve the business goal of 2020.

    On the afternoon of December 28, 2019, the 23 member lean management learning and Exchange team of niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. visited Yongjian fine machinery (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd., an excellent enterprise in the motorcycle accessories industry, deeply understood the lean production mode of Yongjian fine machinery, and carefully listened to the detailed explanation on the lean production of Yongjian fine machinery by general manager Shao and deputy general manager Zhao of Yongjian company, The management team of niuli company learned a lot of valuable lean production knowledge and gained a lot.

General manager Shao Yongjian warmly received and gave a detailed introduction.

Members of niuli machinery lean management team carefully understand Yongjian group

Visiting group learning Yongjian staff training board


The delegation visited the workshop and explained in detail




During the morning visit, the learning team went into Yongjian production workshop to listen and explain the benefits of using U-shaped layout in Yongjian production workshop, which greatly reduced redundant actions and labor costs, and significantly improved production efficiency. The visitors were impressed by the neat workshop and highly recognized the visual results of safety management and 5S management of Yongjian company.







Subsequently, under the leadership of general manager Wu of niuli company, the learning team continued to Heshan Gelang Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. and under the leadership of general manager Lu, chairman of Gelang hardware, visited and studied the standardized management, lean management and ERP system use of relevant departments of Gelang Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.




Take a group photo with Mr. Lu, chairman of Gelang hardware