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Mayor of gijuelo, Spain visited niuli machinery in Heshan for exchange

Company | 2016-1-29

On January 25, 2016, at the invitation of Heshan municipal government, the mayor of gijuelo of Spain and his delegation visited Heshan, introduced by the Consulate General of Spain in Guangzhou, the road to Asia club and the Guangzhou General Chamber of Commerce. At 14:30, mayor jihuelo and leaders visited niuli machinery in Heshan.


Mayor gijuelo of Spain visited niuli exhibition hall


Mayor gijuelo of Spain understands the history of niuli


Mayor gijuelo of Spain carefully read the album of niuli products


Mayor gijuelo of Spain discusses beef products with colleagues

One belt, one road China, is known to be a 2016 Heshan, one of the "economic exchanges" and one of the "economic exchanges" activities. It is also a useful exploration for public diplomacy. Gio Huw Elo, mayor of Spain, is a member of the "two sides and one way" economic exchange. After this trip, the two sides will hold a signing ceremony of friendly cooperation to consolidate the results of exchanges. At the same time, the mayor of jihuelo and his party also said that the products of niuli machinery meet their needs and will further explore the cooperative relationship with niuli machinery.


Mayor of gijuelo, Spain asked about the export details of niuli products


Mayor of gijuelo, Spain experiences niuli products