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Niuli: a new force in advanced equipment manufacturing industry

Company | 2015-6-2

     Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission transmitted to eight departments including the provincial development and Reform Commission a letter (Yue Jing Xin Yuan Qu (2015) No. 923) on the materials of counties and districts relying on the provincial industrial park to drive the development of industrial agglomeration, which clearly included Heshan City in the management scope of Guangdong Industrial Agglomeration Development Park for statistics and assessment, and enjoyed the provincial industrial transfer policy, Finally, the transformation and upgrading of Heshan industrial city has entered a new stage.

       Heshan industrial city will be able to enjoy the provincial industrial transfer related park investment attraction, industrial agglomeration, infrastructure construction, enterprise innovation and other supporting policies. This is a major achievement of our city in earnestly implementing the strategy of "Zhuxi action" implemented by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government and promoting the expansion and efficiency of the industrial park.

      5On June 26, members of the Municipal Standing Committee, some deputies to the National People's Congress and cadres of the National People's Congress inspected the Heshan connecting line of Jiangmen Avenue, Heshan industrial city and niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., held a symposium in Heshan industrial city, and listened to the special report of the Bureau of science, industry and Commerce and the office of the industrial Urban Management Committee on accelerating the development of advanced (equipment) manufacturing industry, And the progress report of the Transportation Bureau on the work of the transportation conference, and listen to the opinions and suggestions of the representatives on the two work.
      Relying on Fuhua heavy industry, niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shengbao automobile, Heshan equipment manufacturing industry cluster focuses on building special vehicle industry base, new energy automobile industry base and advanced equipment industry park.


Provincial, municipal and town leaders come to niuli company to guide the work
      Heshan industrial agglomeration zone shoulders the important task of a new force in Jiangmen advanced equipment manufacturing industry. It is positioned as a major project production base of advanced manufacturing industry, mainly attracting and undertaking the transfer of manufacturing projects from developed countries, domestic and provincial. Focus on the development of leading industries such as equipment manufacturing, electronics and appliances, new materials and so on. Actively implement project agglomeration around leading industries, strive to introduce upstream and downstream supporting projects, actively build an industrial chain and realize the development of industrial agglomeration.
Demonstrate the operation of niuli electric truck to provincial and municipal leaders
Demonstrate the operation of niuli electric sweeper to provincial and municipal leaders
      Under the background of deepening international and domestic regional integration, niuli company strengthens regional coordination, further deepens regional cooperation and forms a joint force for development“ Build a first-class enterprise and create a bull dream. " Based on Zhuxi, undertake Guangfo, connect with Hong Kong and Macao, embrace dreams and create the future.
      Niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of logistics storage and handling equipment in the industry. It is the R & D, manufacturing and export base of logistics handling equipment in South China. Niuli machinery provides global customers with a full range of material handling and storage equipment, and formulates optimized comprehensive material handling solutions for customers.